Tuesday, January 30, 2007

We knew it all along??

Who'd a thunk these local losers would knock Beyonce out of the number one spot on MTV...

Monday, January 29, 2007

Earl Greyhound to Rawk LA, Two Days Straight

A back-to-back hailstorm of rawk is about to befall Los Angeles in the form of Brooklyn-based trio, Earl Greyhound. Riding on a buzzcloud and embarking on a monthlong tour, they stop into El Cid on Tuesday and Silverlake Lounge on Wednesday with riffs that would make T. Rex proud (and an afro that could shame Wolfmother.)

Balmy Los Angeles should be a welcome break for the three: we just heard that 50 miles outside of Bismarck, North-Freakin'-Dakota their tour van hit a patch of ice, and somersaulted over three times. The van was totalled, but apparently the band was unscathed. Marooned in Bismarck for 3 days, they found another van and drove straight through to San Francisco to catch up with the tour, cancelling the Seattle and Portland gigs. Afros, airbags, and good luck were on their side.

North Dakota: Land of the ...Ice.

The Fold Site Goes Under the Knife

Watch for changes soon to the FoldSilverlake.com site... It's currently breathing in the heavy fumes of sedation, ready for a bit of an overhaul. This is, after all, Los Angeles.

Polo we need you.

Tamale Guy is not coming tonight.