Monday, December 15, 2008

Mothers, hide your daughters!

This is the least pornographic video available on Van Stone's myspace. They rape and pillage Silverlake Lounge on January 22 joined by SD's avant-jazz-punk-art-damaged Creedle.

We're Van Stone

VAN STONE 11:30p
CREEDLE (S.D. -feat. Devon Goldberg and Rob Crow) 10:30p

“After an ill-fated attempt to start a mercenary group in the same vein as TV's "A-Team," the Van Stone brothers (Randy and Lonnie) decided to do the next best thing: form Van Stone: the band! The brothers recruited Cliff Steinberger on lead guitar and Kurt Gibson on lead, lead guitar, threw irreverent and mostly unprintable song titles (Show Us Yer T***, 25 Dollar Blow***) on some killer '80s metal riffs, and quickly skyrocketed to self-proclaimed "3rd Best Rock Band" of Palmdale, Calif., status.” - SignOn San Diego

Friday, December 5, 2008

NYC's Amazing Baby - December 18 at Bordello

DJ Sam James Velde

“These Brooklyn scenesters (and MGMT confreres) pile layers of noisy, cascading guitar onto an “aohw aohw” chorus like wayward glam refugees munching ‘shrooms.” - Spin

“We've been known to enjoy music that sounds like it either comes from outer space or the bottom of a bong, so when we were presented with New York's Amazing Baby, who sound like Bongs In Space, it didn't take long to decide that they were pretty great.” - Fader

Local Natives invade Silverlake Lounge - Every Monday in February - Free

February 2, 9, 16 and 23.

Amongst the myriad of musicians that call Los Angeles home, Local Natives, a band favoring a new breed of energetic, percussion driven indie rock, have come to fruition. This clan of five gentleman craft songs reminiscent of a musical tribe, singing and dancing in harmony. Imagine if Beirut and Sufjan Stevens decided to join the eccentricity of Talking Heads and the aura of Broken Social Scene for lunch in Columbia and you’ve pinpointed what is Local Natives. In the age of auto tune and vocoders, Local Natives is one of those rare bands who is defined by their ability to deliver live. In fact, it has been more of challenge for the group to translate the vibrant and exciting nature of their performances to a recording than vice versa. But blessed with the charisma to tempt even the most despondent hipsters and shy concert goers into dance machines, Local Natives have honed their skills in both recording and performing the past few years.

Here they are doing a righteous cover of S&G's Cecilia... if that doesn't put a smile on your face, you're a vampire.

Sam Sparro gets a Grammy nod for our fave dance track - Black & Gold

This one comes straight from the Told-You-So department. Mr. Sam Sparro, patterned sparkle leggings dance pop soul singer extraordinaire, has nabbed a Grammy nomination for Best Dance Recording. It seems like it was only last year that we were shaking our bodies and swaying to his ode to the Big Guy down the street at Silverlake Lounge. Oh wait, it was and a year later, the train keeps speeding on...

Warmest congrats to Sam and Jesse from the Fold family!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Italian Gypsy virtuosos OPA CUPA perform dinnertime show Sunday at Tangier!

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 16 - TANGIER - $10 before 8p/$7 after
OPA CUPA (Lecce, Italy) 7:00p

Opa Cupa! (read: "Opa chupa"), it's a shout of exhortation to the dance used by gypsies of South-Eastern Europe. Musicians coming from different cultures (Bosnia-Erzegovina, Albany South Italy) gather around the leader, the trumpeteer Cesare DellAnna.

This 12 piece band play a "marginal" music, blending the kaleidoscopic sounds and fascinating melodies of ancients Balkan songs with the traditional music of southern Italy.

later show from

Grampall Jookabox (Asthmatic Kitty) tonite 11/11 at Silverlake Lounge




Enter the private, brightly infantile, electrically sanctified world of Grampall Jookabox's idiot-savant folk-rock. The spectrum of influences and appropriations feeding into this album are impressively, almost schizophrenically varied. There are hints of early blues, notes of civil war ballads, and children's sidewalk-chalk rhymes, all filtered through spastically epic and innovative intuition, creating a final product not unlike the early work of Daniel Johnston. - Joyful Noise

Grampall Jookabox, the name of Indianapolis native David "Moose" Adamson's musical project, sounds like a child slurring the words “Grandpa Jukebox,” implying filial connection with an archaic musical object. Jookabox’s debut record, Scientific Cricket, samples a kind of primordial blues sound, children's sidewalk-chalk rhymes and Appalachian folk. But his latest effort finds him moving into new, unplumbed territories. Ropechain pinwheels kaleidoscopically through old-time spirituals, punk, chain-gang hymnal, deep house, and club music hip-hop, blending these disparate elements into a cohesive and unique synthesis.

“Anyone called a "ghetto-folkster" is alright by us, but this is real Marmite stuff - it's either genius or moronic, but is probably blessed with a touch of both. There's definitely something arresting about the soulful warbling of "Now don't it make you feel good when a girl ain't preggers?" over the kind of music Kings Of Leon would have made if they'd been brought up on a pirate radio instead of rock'n'roll.” - The Lipster

Monday, November 10, 2008

tWO gALLANTS' Adam Stephens performs Wednesday at Tangier

TANGIER - 2138 Hillhurst - $10

EVAN WAY (Parson Redheads)8:30p

“Adam Stephens is best known as guitarist and vocalist for San Francisco duo Two Gallants. Stylistically rooted in the blues and folk influences of decades past, Stephens offers an independent voice seemingly unaffected by the confines propagated by musical contemporaries. For those accustomed to the rhythmically backed context in which Stephens typically performs, expect a performance more akin to Two Gallants' 2007 acoustic release "The Scenery of Farewell", complete with Stephens' intricate fingerpicking and lyrics befitting a classic novelist.” Anne Ostrowski

“’He's like 26 years old and he sounds like Mississippi John Hurt," says Robin Pecknold (Fleet Foxes). Fairfield plays fiddle and banjo player and strums back-porch bluegrass, complete with shaky jug-band vocals reminiscent of The Foggy Mountain Boys from way back in the '40s (think O Brother, Where Art Thou?). "He's kinda crazy. He has his own radio show where he just plays these old gramophones. He just puts a mic up and plays all these field recordings from the 1900s; it's insane. He dresses like it's the early 1900s. He's born out of time, and his voice is amazing.’” - Rolling Stone


Friday, November 7, 2008

Honky Tonk Happy Hour w/ SHOOTER JENNINGS on New Years Day

New Years Day
January 1st, 2009
El Cid
4212 Sunset Boulevard
No Cover

EARL GREYHOUND, and Ghost Gamblers

Sausage, Sauerkraut, Collared greens and Rock and Roll in the afternoon...

Thursday, October 30, 2008

T(I)NC at EC

Thursday NOVEMBER 12, 2008 - 9pm
El Cid Flamenco Theatre
4212 Sunset Boulevard
Los Angeles

tickets $8 avail at

Special Guests NIGHT HORSE

Friday, June 20, 2008

Missing - Pal Prometheus: 6' green, bolts in head

Here's a creepily sweet music video for Willoughby's song Frankenstein. We've got two shows coming up with these tuneful scientists and ghouls. June 29 at Tangier and July 14 at Silverlake Lounge - rosy cheeked assistants not included.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Devendra's cult of Jewelry and War

Not sure exactly what it is about Devendra - maybe the Rasputin like hair/beard combo, probably the band of merry neo hippies, definitely the multi-facted talent - but I would follow him off a cliff. He might not seem a likely candidate for Cribs but here he is nonetheless. From a pastoral Laurel Canyon abode, he makes jewelry, remembers powerful influences and generally builds his legions.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Homeslice uber-group Everest on Conan

Everest the band, not mountain - you've heard their various members with Sebadoh, Earlimart and Slydell among others. Well a year of hard work later and what tall drink of water should show up on an even taller drink of water's late night show?

Here they are in all their eastside Cali shaggy swaggering glory.
oh and Russ - if ever things don't work out with that Watson twin...

Friday, May 9, 2008

Approved by choosy moms and stoners alike!

Maybe you've heard of Yo Gabba Gabba - the new Nickelodeon hit featuring furry monsters soft-core rapping to funky light beats. Well if you were anywhere near a Fold show in 2005-06, you might recognize our very own DJ Lance Rock ushering America's youth and jobless couch surfers into the technicolor world of such hits as "Jump Jump Jump" and "Yummy in My Tummy." If not, enjoy below.

Warning: you might want to have something crunchy and munchy near by.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sam Sparro is hotter than Europe!

Our favorite lovely diamond of an electro-funk-soul singer, Sam Sparro is currently slapping his way up the UK charts with his first single "Black and Gold". The album drops next week 4.28.08 right after Sam's first performance at Coachella. Sam will be performing "Black and Gold" along with a cover of the Smiths' track "Stop Me" this Saturday with Mark Ronson. Lucky you if you caught him at a Fold show last year before he started giving Amy Winehouse career advice.

Check out this live in studio session at BBC Radio 1's Live Lounge.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Black and Gold videophied

Sam Sparro's great song "Black and Gold" got the treatment it deserves in this new video.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Ladies' Month at The Fold

As I was perusing The Fold calendar for the upcoming month, I was struck by how many kick-ass ladies are set to grace LA stages in the coming weeks. This is awesome in the best, most non-feminist way possible! Below is a sampling of various chicks scheduled to bring the rock and use it in the coming weeks:

If the term "girl power" had some actual edge and menace to it, rather than being so firmly entrenched in the cheese of the 90s pop realm, VON IVA would be its physical incarnation. These ladies will mow you down with their ultra-powerful, jagged electro-rock. And after that, if you can handle it, JESSIE EVANS follows it up with her crazy jazz/punk fusion. Check out both on 1/30 at Silverlake Lounge.

CECI BASTIDA was one of the first women to make serious inroads into the Latin rock scene. At the age of 15, she joined Tijuana NO as a lead vocalist, keyboardist and songwriter and became one of the first women to rise in the ranks of Latin rock. Tijuana NO was one of Mexico's most important bands of the 1990s. Enough said. Ceci Bastida plays at Bordello on 2/7.

In keeping with the current pro-femme vibe, the spectacular ENTRANCE BAND are playing a series of three shows at Silverlake Lounge in February. Paz Lenchantin is their bass player. For those not in the know, Paz first melted faces as a member of A Perfect Circle, and then slayed in Zwan. The Entrance Band play February 7th, 14th and 21st. As if you need further incentive to attend, WARPAINT pitch in with their utterly captivating post-rock ethearility on the 14th. Jeez is right.

THEE EMERGENCY have just announced a show at Silverlake Lounge on March 4th. By all accounts, this band's adrenaline-infused, Detroit-blues rock pummeling of a live show is quite the sight to behold.

Finally, New Zealand folk-electro/new-wave-pop genius BACHELORETTE playing a total of three shows in March: 3/5 at Bordello, 3/6 at Silverlake Lounge, and 3/7 at El Cid. Be sure to check her quirky, dream-like pop gems on her first foray to these shores...

Show availability for dudes is, what can i say, "limited" right now. Just kidding. Go check out our full calendar to see what's going on.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Shark Aid this Sunday 1/13 at Tangier

A Benefit for Aaron Finley - $10 donation

In 2006, there were 61 shark attacks in the entire world. Some say being attacked may be lucky because of the rarity of shark attacks. I'm going out on a limb here and guessing that LA musician/sound engineer Aaron Finley wouldn't agree with that, though. Aaron got munched on on October 29th near Wailea Beach, in Maui. The good news is that Aaron came out of it alive, and still has all his limbs. The bad news is that he now has some pretty substantial medical costs that he cannot charge to his attacker. We're talking tens of thousands of $$$$$ here. And that, my friends, is where you come in. Pink Mochi, Patrick Park and Charlie Wadhams are all joining forces to raise money for the "Friends of Aaron Finley Fund.”

As if you need further incentive to contribute to this good cause, here's an account of what happened in Aaron's own words:
"I was thinking it's so nice to be out here in the ocean relaxing," said Finley, "Then... I felt something hit my leg really hard and then turned and saw this big gray thing swimming away and realized I'd just been bit," Finley, 32, said from his hospital bed in Wailuku, where a 6-inch, half-moon-shaped gash on his left calf served as a reminder of the encounter. "It felt like a wave knocked me into a rock."

Enough said. See you on sunday!

The Entrance Band to blow minds, speakers in February

The spectacular Entrance Band will be performing a series of three shows at Silverlake Lounge in February! Although in this case, it won't be so much a show as a public mind-altering session on a mass scale. LA Weekly explains why February 7th, 14th and 21st should be ritualistically engraved into your calendar right now:

“[Entrance] are thoroughly guns-blazing, balls-out rock n' roll. How such a full-throttle wailing voice can come out of such a slim young man is a mystery, but the ferocity with which Guy Blakeslee ripped into songs managed to get me head-banging unconsciously — I didn't realize what I was doing until I hit the guy behind me.This group is now going to be the beacon of hope I firmly point to whenever I hear a naysayer mention there's nothing really impressive these days.”

The beacon of good taste known as LA Record will be co-presenting these shows. In their infinite wisdom, they already featured The Entrance Band on their cover a while back. You can read the excellent interview in its entirety here.

To recap, the dates are February 7th, 14th and 21st. These shows will likely sell out, so best get on that immediately. Advance tickets are available at InTicketing.