Monday, December 15, 2008

Mothers, hide your daughters!

This is the least pornographic video available on Van Stone's myspace. They rape and pillage Silverlake Lounge on January 22 joined by SD's avant-jazz-punk-art-damaged Creedle.

We're Van Stone

VAN STONE 11:30p
CREEDLE (S.D. -feat. Devon Goldberg and Rob Crow) 10:30p

“After an ill-fated attempt to start a mercenary group in the same vein as TV's "A-Team," the Van Stone brothers (Randy and Lonnie) decided to do the next best thing: form Van Stone: the band! The brothers recruited Cliff Steinberger on lead guitar and Kurt Gibson on lead, lead guitar, threw irreverent and mostly unprintable song titles (Show Us Yer T***, 25 Dollar Blow***) on some killer '80s metal riffs, and quickly skyrocketed to self-proclaimed "3rd Best Rock Band" of Palmdale, Calif., status.” - SignOn San Diego

Friday, December 5, 2008

NYC's Amazing Baby - December 18 at Bordello

DJ Sam James Velde

“These Brooklyn scenesters (and MGMT confreres) pile layers of noisy, cascading guitar onto an “aohw aohw” chorus like wayward glam refugees munching ‘shrooms.” - Spin

“We've been known to enjoy music that sounds like it either comes from outer space or the bottom of a bong, so when we were presented with New York's Amazing Baby, who sound like Bongs In Space, it didn't take long to decide that they were pretty great.” - Fader

Local Natives invade Silverlake Lounge - Every Monday in February - Free

February 2, 9, 16 and 23.

Amongst the myriad of musicians that call Los Angeles home, Local Natives, a band favoring a new breed of energetic, percussion driven indie rock, have come to fruition. This clan of five gentleman craft songs reminiscent of a musical tribe, singing and dancing in harmony. Imagine if Beirut and Sufjan Stevens decided to join the eccentricity of Talking Heads and the aura of Broken Social Scene for lunch in Columbia and you’ve pinpointed what is Local Natives. In the age of auto tune and vocoders, Local Natives is one of those rare bands who is defined by their ability to deliver live. In fact, it has been more of challenge for the group to translate the vibrant and exciting nature of their performances to a recording than vice versa. But blessed with the charisma to tempt even the most despondent hipsters and shy concert goers into dance machines, Local Natives have honed their skills in both recording and performing the past few years.

Here they are doing a righteous cover of S&G's Cecilia... if that doesn't put a smile on your face, you're a vampire.

Sam Sparro gets a Grammy nod for our fave dance track - Black & Gold

This one comes straight from the Told-You-So department. Mr. Sam Sparro, patterned sparkle leggings dance pop soul singer extraordinaire, has nabbed a Grammy nomination for Best Dance Recording. It seems like it was only last year that we were shaking our bodies and swaying to his ode to the Big Guy down the street at Silverlake Lounge. Oh wait, it was and a year later, the train keeps speeding on...

Warmest congrats to Sam and Jesse from the Fold family!