Friday, March 9, 2007

The Fold's 10th Anniversary Show- OMG!

You may recognize the above photo as Lifter, and its bassist as one Mr. Jeffrey Sebelia, fashion maven and victor of Project Runway. It's from the Fold's first show on April 17, 1997, nearly a full decade ago, and we've just asked Scott Sterling to approximate how many shows he's orchestrated since then. At this moment in time, he's mumbling an incoherent stream of numbers like Rainman.

He's still multiplying.

Hold on.

I'm just sitting here waiting.

Okay, finally he uttered: "Let's say 18, 24,....3,000, maybe? I guess." Then he added: "That's a fairly conservative estimate," before returning to his mud-thick coffee.

So the point is: it's been a busy ten years at the Fold. And it's time to let loose with a little anniversary show Tuesday, April 17th at the Silverlake Lounge...

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Joe Fielder said...

I'd buy tickets on that alone...