Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Eluvium - May 5 (Cinco de Mayo) at Bootleg

Born in Tennessee and raised in Louisville, KY, Matthew Cooper relocated to Portland, OR several years back and has since spent many a night holed up in his house transforming the vibrations in his brain into sweeping walls of elegant noise. With a depth ranging from fragile to glacial, he takes dense layers of guitars and pianos and builds them into an awe-inspiring fortress around himself. Resting comfortably and confidently in the spirits of Brian Eno's most accomplished ambient pieces, Eluvium is a freakishly beautiful affair. If it was ever possible for a warm gust of wind to send chills through every bone in your body, then Eluvium is that warm wind.

“Eluvium's ambient music is music first and ambient second; it leans forward, asks for consideration, and has no desire to slip into the background. As "cinematic" music goes, these pieces tend toward widescreen pictures with big budgets… sounds like something that would waft out of the ballroom in The Shining during one of Jack Nicholson's breaks away from the typewriter.” – Pitchfork

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