Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Attn: No-Quoters

"No-quoter:" person who repeatedly responds to emails without including the original message in their reply.

We here at The Fold have recently noticed a huge increase in no-quoting tendencies, and now the time has come that we must say something. Consider this a friendly heads-up that will make all of our lives easier, increase the speed and efficiency of show-booking, and minimize the potential for miscommunication! It'll be so great! We like to be solution-oriented over here.

What we're saying is- if we ask you a specific question, and three days later you reply with "That sounds awesome!"/"No way, man!"/"Cool, keep me posted!"... Basically, we'll have no idea what you're referring to. So, you know, help US help YOU. Thanks. The Fold loves you! So, so much!

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