Thursday, December 13, 2007

Deadly Syndrome about to become famous, viral-style

The new Zune ad campaign has paired edgy visual artists, including againstallodds and Digital Kitchen with hip soundtracks. And to good effect, I might add. The Youtube video for 'Intergalactic Swap Meet' featuring The Deadly Syndrome has so far been viewed almost FIFTEEN THOUSAND TIMES in one week. Jeez is right. Clicky clicky below:

Amazing! Microsoft is trying to convince us they are no longer the exclusive domain of nerds in cardigans! And, with the emphasis of Zune's campaign being on interactivity and sharing, this video is right on track with the - hopefully - imminent goodwill and positive vibes of the holidays. Awww.

The Deadly Syndrome are also performing at the Christmas Sweater Festival on 12/14 at Crash Mansion, alongside Eskimohunter, The Happy Hollows, The Mae-Shi, and The Pity Party. You know what to do. Don't screw this up.

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