Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I'm In Love -- with your Lasagna

It's Valentine's Day, and love/unrequited obsession is in the air. My object of constant, drooly preoccupation these days is a little nook named Elf - a new Echo Park eatery on Sunset near Alvarado.

Leave me alone- I can totally be in love with a restaurant.

Founded and staffed by the members of ethereal psychedelic band Viva K, Elf Cafe features organic vegetarian food and a cozy mellow setting. The open kitchen is tiny and immaculate, and gives a view of the meticulous preparations of phyllo dough tarts, pressed whole wheat sandwiches, and some sort of vegetarian Greek lasagna that has established itself as a craving on par with crack cocaine for me. With a ground garbanzo filling, rich white sauce and a hint of nutmeg, this effing pastitso lasagna was seriously the best part about my week.

They'll even uncork a bottle of wine for you if you bring it, and they won't laugh when its budget merlot from 7-11. Trust me.

Elf, 2135 Sunset Blvd, (closed Mondays and Tuesdays)

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