Thursday, February 22, 2007

Syd Barrett Night- April 19th

It's almost two months away, but worth noting. At the Bordello downtown, a night of compositions of legendary Pink Floyd founder Syd Barrett is in the works, featuring "20 or so of Los Angeles' finest and most fearless performers."

So far on the bill: Mezzanine Owls, Pity Party, Midnight Movies, Eleni Mandell, Irving, Priscilla Ahn, Good Listeners, Gwendolyn, Biirdie, Nora Keyes, Moon Upstairs, Big Search, Marjorie Faire, Thundersnail (Amps for Christ), Bedroom Walls, and many fact the final line up is still brewing, so stay tuned.

Chatter about some other performers being lined up is giving me heart palpitations, but I'll get my tongue cut out if I tattle.

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Which One's Pink? said...

Syd Barrett was a genius who inspired artists ranging from Baby Lemonade to REM to Voivoid to, obviously, post-Syd Pink Floyd. We at Which One's Pink? really enjoy putting Syd Barrett songs into our set just to see the looks in the faces of the audience members who are there to see Dark Side of the Moon for the billionth time! However, we have noticed that today's young Pink Floyd fans are very plugged into the Syd Barrett legacy. It's great that the Fold is presenting this tribute to Syd! (We only wish we had been invited to participate!). Anyway, we have listed this show on the worldwide schedule of Pink Floyd tribute shows posted at PinkFloydOnline.;act=ST;f=20;t=4431 Best of luck to you on this great show!