Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Deserving of a High Five

Last Wednesday, I popped by the Silverlake Lounge late, just in time to catch the riveting action of the last band wrapping their cords. Mulling about for a while, I noticed a new face at the door: a tiny chick from Finland named Yenny. Or Yennie. Or Yeni, or something.

Turns out it's spelled Jenni, and not only does she man the clipboard at Fold shows, but she's also an esteemed bassist, laying down some funky rhythms for Eskimohunter, Har Mar Superstar, Junior Senior and, yep-- even Melanie C., former Spice Girl.

She's fully adorable, super nice, and apparently hella rocks too. She gets our high five of the week.

1 comment:

la-underground said...

we have a huge crush on jenni and other talented bassist/money taker door girls from finland. she can take our money anytime.