Thursday, February 1, 2007

Vintagey Riffs and Celebrity Lurkers

Earl Greyhound played the Silverlake Lounge last night, and operatives tell me that it was an agoraphobe's nightmare. A line snaked out the door, and inside was thick with humans waiting for some serious rock to occur.

I caught them Tuesday night at El Cid, and the very first thing that struck me was the sight of percussive legend Ricc Sheridan's bass drum. (And his canyon of an ass crack as he bent over setting up.)

The sparkle green Ludwig kick is larger than my kitchen table, rumoured to be 97 inches in circumference, and a girl standing next to me took cellphone snapshots of Sheridan sitting down, as she giddily shreiked: "Oh my god, that thing is as tall as his boobs!" All muscle and afro (and rocking indoor sunglasses) Sheridan pounded with a ferocity that bordered on vengeful. It was violently, rhythmically gorgeous. (Aforementioned cell phone shot from the show.)

Kamara Thomas on bass fell to her knees a few times, and howled echoey back-up vocals. Tall and lankly Matt Whyte took the lead, with some serious guitar solo work.

As for last night's Silverlake Lounge show, it was peppered with Eastside luminaries: Autolux's Greg Edwards, Sia, Sharon from the Raveonettes and Giant Drag's Annie Hardy were all in attendance. Nine Black Alps, in town recording with Dave Sardy, also took in the show.

And we JUST heard that Giovanni Ribisi was caught sneaking through in the back door. We was neither booted out, nor hounded for autographs. Everyone behaved.

Giovanni gets down.

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