Thursday, February 1, 2007

Pity Party Wraps Up Residency, Happy Hollows Make Me Love Them

I dutifully attended the last show of the Pity Party's monthlong residency, because plainly: I loff them. Bizarre and electro-minimalist, they sound like the synth-y love baby of Devo and Metric. Also, I enjoy watching Maurice Robert's headband wilt slowly down his face until it falls over his eyes and he yanks it off in a flustered huff.

What I was not expecting Monday was to fall headlong in lust for the Happy Hallows, whose singer/guitarist Sarah Negahdari (dressed in white knee socks, short shorts and a billowing Edwardian blouse) screamed and shook epileptically. She thrashed her moppy bob about in fits and spasms, and every time, it fell back exactly in place, a wonder to behold. Her vocals range from melodically poppy to bursts of hooting to red faced screaming, and their track "Vietnam" featured on the Pity Party's complementary sampler, is now on continuous repeat on my Ipod. New girl crush: confirmed.

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